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Business Information
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Single Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Government Association Cooperative
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SEO Basic Questions
Website URL: how old is your website and company?
Have had your site banned? (Once a website has been banned by Google it is impossible to revive )
Do you have any past SEO Experiences? With what SEO company?
What prompted you to think you needed a SEO company?
Do you have shadow domains & /or duplicate content to other site or other problem related to this?
Identify it:
Who makes Decisions in your company?
Do you have a fair knowledge about SEO?
Identify how far is your knowledge about SEO?
Will you give your SEO Company a room to breathe in doing their job and making you understand what is needed to make this marketing
possible?   Describe: 
What is your baseline? (Need to compare the outcome of your current market position)
Do you have a profitable business? Is your market position is not hyper-saturated?
Do you have competitors? (By knowing your site competitor we could arrange your site for better visibility) (List your competitor’s site)
Are you offering services or products that are not easy to get elsewhere?
( Business models makes sense for the web- item that is cheap to ship or requires customization, which makes it more convenient to buy
online than to hunt at various offline stores) Purpose?
Are you well establish on the web? (Means your website has call to action capabilities to be able to interact with your prospect clients while their visiting your site- samples are: chat box, form-based system which collects viewer’s data, downloadable data for reference and so on...)
Are you looking for a short term or a long term goals and why?
Are you willing to listen to us? And provide us resources necessary to make your goals possible
Why does your company deserve to be ranked among the top resourse? (Reasons why you wanted to be listed on top)
What is your unique proposition? (Give us your unique plan – we will be using that plan to get your site ahead among your competitors:
Is your business doing well? Describe:
Are there other disrupted technologies entering or replacing your market?
Do you plan to accept new site technologies to help SEO engine do its work?
Provide us Keywords / related words you wanted us to start with: ( you may refer keywords from existing pages of your site contents
Most SEO’s are not able to gain top rankings or tons of traffic overnight. Make sure you know what to expect and when. If you need traffic in a hurry, then we will probably need to use payper –click search engines (this one is costly and it will charge you every time someone clicks your
keyword add).
As long as you’re SEO Company manages your site SEO you will be secured in getting a good search ranking after all collected data has been submitted and approved by all directories and web engines.
  Setting up time of 60 days to 90 days :
  30% result after 200 days :
  50% result after 300 days :
  60% result after 350 days :
  70 to 90% continuous lifetime result under continuous optimization.
SEO works best if the client understands the process and their expectations in line with what SEO company plans on delivering the project.
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